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Get A .MUSIC Domain

1 million free domains are available

.MUSIC is offering 1 million free .MUSIC domains to members of the music industry until May 24th, 2024. They say that this represents a monumental shift towards verified music identities and intellectual property protection.

A spokesperson told us, "By becoming a trusted authority in the domain name space, akin to .EDU for educational institutions and .GOV for government agencies, .MUSIC aims to create a safe and verified online environment where music creators and industry professionals can connect, engage, and transact securely. The free domain giveaway is aimed at accelerating adoption within the music industry, offering a risk-free opportunity for artists, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders to secure their intellectual property and establish a verified online presence. Notable figures and brands such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Spotify, Universal Music Group, and many others have already embraced .MUSIC by registering their domains, signaling strong momentum and industry support."